• Breast cancer cells (programmed cell death)
    Annie Cavanagh / Wellcome Images
  • From temporal expression
    to regulatory mechanisms.
    Joana Gonçalves

Algorithmics & Machine Learning for Precision Biomedicine

Delft University of Technology


  • Postdoc position on computational modelling of single-cell hereterogeneity in proton therapy. Project hiring 2 postdocs in total, one computational and one experimental in collaboration with Chien at Erasmus MC, funded by Convergence. Details and application here. Deadline: 24/06/2020.
  • PhD candidate on learning algorithms for therapeutic target prediction. Funded by INSY / TU Delft. Details and application here. Deadline: 9 February 2020. The search for this position has ended.
  • PhD candidate on deciphering the interplay between proton radiation and DNA damage response. Project hiring 3 researchers in total: collaboration with Tijsterman at LUMC, Kanaar at Erasmus MC, Reinders at TU Delft, funded by HollandPTC. The search for this position has ended.

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities

Are you an ambitious researcher with a PhD in computer science (or related)? Would you like to pursue original ideas in our lab?
Please check the eligibility requirements and get in touch:

Research interests

  • Computer Science: algorithmics, pattern recognition, and machine learning.
  • Molecular Biology: gene regulation and DNA damage and repair.
  • Biomedicine: characterization of disruptions in complex disease, discovery of therapeutic targets.


  • TU Delft European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems
  • TU Delft Bioengineering Institute (website)
  • TU Delft AI Initiative (website)


  • Convergence for Health and Technology (website)
  • INSY / TU Delft

Short Bio

In Aug 2017, I started as an Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft). I am also a Guest Researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). My lab will focus on computational approaches to understand gene regulation, uncover disruptions involved in complex disease (especially cancer), and predict novel targets for therapy. Previously, I was a postdoc in computational cancer biology with Lodewyk Wessels at the TUDelft and the NKI. Before that, I was a Marie Curie/ERCIM fellow in algorithmic computational biology with Gunnar Klau at the Netherlands Research Centre for Mathematics and Informatics. I did a PhD in computer science with Sara Madeira at the Technical University of Lisbon, and spent just over a year in the bioinformatics lab of Yves Moreau at the University of Leuven.




in Computer Science
Tecnical University of Lisbon


Diploma (5-year)

in Computer Science
University of Beira Interior



Assistant Professor

Delft University of Technology
Guest at Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Delft University of Technology
Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL)

Marie Curie/ERCIM Fellow

Centre for Math & Informatics (NL)

Research Assistant

Imperial College London (UK)

Visiting Scholar

University of Leuven (BE)

Doctoral Researcher

Technical University of Lisbon and INESC-ID (PT)